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We are a company that offers many diverse bio-based products and services guided by the desire to help growers, in the nursery industry and agricultural industries producing food and fiber, to grow healthy plants more efficiently and in a sustainable manner.  We offer consulting, contract research, and products of mycorrhizal fungi and other beneficial microbes that can aid in the growth of plants.  At the core of our products are mycorrhizal fungi and their microbial associates.

Mycorrhiza (MY-CO-RI-ZA) is a symbiotic association (growing together for mutual benefit) between plant roots and specialized fungi that first formed some 460 million years ago, at about the time plants first appeared on land. However, it wasn't until the mid 1880s that the mycorrhizal association was observed in roots and described. And it was the mid 1950s before it was shown to have a strong beneficial effect on plant growth.  It is now believed that for most plants, the presence of the mycorrhizal symbiosis is normal, and its absence is not. 

Since the first discovery of mycorrhizae, there have been many species and strains of mycorrhizal fungi discovered -- each with its own unique characteristics, but all with the capacity to benefit plant growth and health by various means.   Mycorrhizae have been shown to aid plants in the acquisition of water and nutrients, and to enable them to better tolerate such things as soil toxicity, drought, and other environmental stresses.  In the soil around plant roots, they develop associations with other beneficial microbes.  In agricultural systems where intense cultivation has degraded the soils over time, the mycorrhizal associations have become reduced and in many cases are not effective.  Growers have been forced to compensate for their lack with applications of fertilizers and pesticides.  For growers of crops in soilless media, mycorrhizal fungi and other beneficial microbes are simply not present and therefore cannot provide benefit to plants.

For 41 years Dr. Robert Linderman was a Research Plant Pathologist for the USDA, Agricultural Research Service, and one of the world's leading experts on soilborne diseases and mycorrhizal fungi. He now has joined the private sector and has taken his wealth of knowledge and developed a line of cutting edge products that incorporate mycorrhizal fungi and other beneficial organisms, specifically targeted at helping the nursery and agriculture industries grow healthier plants.  As the founder of Plant Health, LLC, he offers his expertise and years of experience to growers who desire to grow healthy plants in a sustainable manner by utilizing bio-based technologies.

This site is designed to educate our visitors, create mutually beneficial relationships, and promote the use of mycorrhizae and other organic, bio-based products as a viable means to achieving organic growth enhancement in plants.

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